Federal Express Notification NO.4351

I received an email from “Federal Express” not FedEx. I keep receiving emails from Federal Express that do not refer me to their website, the “sent from” email address is not a Federal Express or FedEx address, and it’s asking me to click a link for more details.        (Do Not Click any links on questionable emails!)

FedEx NO.4351

I checked the sender email address (without opening the email) by placing the mouse cursor over the email name “Federal Express” then right clicking my mouse. 

right click email

The sender email displays as (domingo-boonin@nevadageek.net) it was not sent from Federal Express, it was sent from a private email account and does not contain a Federal Express or FedEx email address. (Sometimes a hacked email account may be used to send SPAM emails).

I went to http://www.google.com and entered “Federal Express Notification No 4351” to see if any information appears for this notice to see if it’s been reported as SPAM or not and all that appeared were FedEx websites to report abuse, etc..

google search information

(http://www.fedex.com/us/update2.html), appears as the FedEx Fraudulent Email website. They provide an email address abuse@fedex.com that can be used to report fraudulent or spam emails.

FedEx Website for Fraudulent email alert

If you receive a questionable email do not click on any links. Delete the email. You can also report it to the company that it appears to represent.













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