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Attention Dearest‏

MRS. CHRISTABEL PENNINGTON From: MRS. CHRISTABEL   PENNINGTON (                                                                          Sent: Thu 6/28/12 3:40 PM To:    Good Day,   My … Continue reading

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From Raphael Kamara‏

From Raphael Kamara‏ 1:20 PM Raphael Kamara From: Raphael Kamara (         Sent: Tue 6/26/12 1:20 PM To:   From Raphael Kamara Add: 7 rue St. Bernard, Gonzac, Abidjan – Côte d’Ivoire. Good day dear, It is … Continue reading

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Re: Dr Hu Fred Zuliu.‏

  From: Dr Hu Zuliu ( Sent: Mon 6/18/12 11:59 PM To:   ========================================= this is my third email to you without response I intend to give 30% of the total funds as compensation for your assistance worth 15.5m in … Continue reading

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IMF/WORLD BANK.  Your email is among the 37 list to be compensated by World Bank/IMF contact   Claims Dept Manager Mr.Ego Martins on ( for your $1,500.000 ATM CARD.send him your details such as NAME/COUNTRY/ADDRESS/TELEPHONE Sincere Barr.Louis Connor

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Be Informed…‏

(This SPAM is almost an exact copy as a previous SPAM with the exception of a missing number in the reply email address that the spammer provided) Be Informed…‏  4/14/12   WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER.  ATTN DEAR,   THE MANAGEMENT … Continue reading

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CareerBuilder: Assistant Manager Positionþ

Steven Brandon To xxxx xxxx From:Steven Brandon ( Sent:Mon 3/26/12 3:07 PMTo:  (xxxx@hotmail) CareerBuilder: Assistant Manager Position Assistant Manager Position Dear Xxxx, CareerBuilder sent us your resume, and after a thorough review, I consider that you would be a valuable … Continue reading

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