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I keep receiving SPAM emails that are so ridiculous I thought I would blog them. Maybe someone hasn’t had this experience yet and can use this blog to see what one looks like.

Federal Express Notification NO.4351

I received an email from “Federal Express” not FedEx. I keep receiving emails from Federal Express that do not refer me to their website, the “sent from” email address is not a Federal Express or FedEx address, and it’s asking me … Continue reading

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Re: Your Next Of Kin

      Dear Sir/Madam, I believe this report meet you in a very good present state of mind and health. I am Mark George a United Kingdom Attorney. A deceased client of mine, that shares same last name with … Continue reading

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Dear Beloved, My Will To You

I got your  contact information from a Christian website. I have  decided to donate what I have to you. Continue reading

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Carvalho Charity

|||7.5M USD Donation Hello For inquiries about our philanthropy donation: Please email Heineken Family Charity

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LET US TAKE CARE OF YOUR PTC CLAIMS. FUND BENEFICIARY. Because of the recent “EU Financial Mop-up Exercise”, the EU Funds Release Institution in Switzerland discovered many “Financial Payment Malpractices” on “Inheritance&Contract PTC Claims” and, payment files that have since … Continue reading

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Email Subscriber‏

Email Subscriber‏ Yahoo! Inc. Microsoft Corp. ( To: ; 1 attachment (307.2 KB) YAHOO_MSN WINNING NOTIFICATION.pdf13.pdf View online Download as zip Email Subscriber, view attached PDF for winning information

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