Publishers Clearing House Friend Request on Facebook SCAM

This “Friend Request” appeared on my facebook page.


I copied and pasted the persons name into the facebook search box and clicked the magnifying glass to find out if a facebook page would appear. I did this because when something like this appears you do not want to click on any buttons or links provided with any invitation that is suspected as a scam. The Facebook page displayed below appeared. I thought this looked strange for a couple of reasons, so I went to Google and entered the name in the Google search. The Google links indicated this was a scam on Facebook.

(While putting this together the page below was removed from Facebook, so it may not appear again on the location listed.)



I found the blog below on Google for Publishers Clearing House Scams:

(I hope PCH doesn’t mind that I copied their page here.)


This site lists 4 scams that are using PCH, Publishers Clearing House to scam people.

Number 1 and 2:


Number 3 and 4:

See number 4: Facebook friend request scam. Publishers Clearing House says they will never send friend requests on Facebook.


What should you do if you receive a friend request from PCH on Facebook?

  1. Delete the request
  2. Report the page to Facebook
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