Mrs.Sandra Sify (
From: Mrs.Sandra Sify (


My Dear Beneficiary

Very Important Information Regarding Your Outstanding Funds.

I write to enquire from you if you have received your outstanding funds till now which the answer is NO. You have been under the cage of greedy and non authentic officials who has been deceiving you for a long time in the guise of releasing your funds which they do not have any authority to effect but rather than open up and let you know that they lack the capacity to release your funds, They decided to deceive you till now.

I have communicated you long time ago and informed you that I am the only person in charge of your funds and I am the only person that can release your funds but it seems that you do not want to believe me due to the fact that you are under the cage and control of those unscrupulous elements/Unauthorized persons who has been deceiving you and requesting for one payment or the other from you till now when you are not required to pay any money to get your funds released to you.

Infact if you want to receive your outstanding funds immediately, Kindly back to me via return mail to enable me give you details. You must keep this mail confidential until your fund is release to you.

I will give you further details as soon as i hear from you.

Your urgent attention is highly imperative.

Yours Faithfully,

Mrs. Sandra Sify
Assistant Secretary to the consultant Office of Presidency

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