US$650,000.00 – Your Compensation Fund‏ (


Office of the President,
Rue De Bureau Presidentielle,
Cotonou, Republic of Benin.
Tel/Fax: +229-552 631 21

Date: 17-05-2012
Subject: Compensation Fund Award.
Payment File Reference/Identity Number: BOP/BJ/00748


Dear E-mail User,
The Office of the President Dr. Boni Yayi, of the Republic of Benin and the African Union President respectively, has awarded you the sum of Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollars – $650,000 U.S. Dollars Only as a Compensation Fund because your email is included in the list of victim(s) who lost their fund to unidentified fraudsters in Africa or victim(s) of Unpaid Inheritance or Contract Award Fund.

This is an instant payment exercise and no fees required. Meanwhile, several emails has been sent to you from this office in this regards, but you don’t care to reply. This is to notify you that your ‘Compensation Fund’ is ready for payment to you. The fund will be paid immediately you contact the ‘Compensation Fund Award Department’. Note that the no amount will be deducted from the ‘Compensation Fund’ due to the insurance policy bond on the fund.

Also, someone came to this office claiming to be your ‘Representative’ sent by you. If she is not your representative, kindly respond immediately by reconfirming the following information:-

1. Your First and Last Name:………………………….
2. Contact Address and Country:……………………….
3. Telephone and Fax Number:………………………….
4. Age, Sex and Marital Status:……………………….

Important Note: The requested information will be used to process the fund payment. However, the fund will be paid to your ‘Representative’ (Mrs. Olga Hszcensky) if you don’t promptly respond to this letter. Send the requested information to the ‘Compensation Fund Award Department’ via this E-mail:

Best regards,
Dr. Jean-Marc AIGBE,
Press Secretary.

This email (including all attachments) is the sole property of Office of the President, Republic of Benin, and may be confidential. Please delete if you are not the intended recipient.

Copyright © 2013 All rights reserved.

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