CareerBuilder: Assistant Manager Positionþ

Steven Brandon

To xxxx xxxx

From:Steven Brandon (

Sent:Mon 3/26/12 3:07

PMTo:  (xxxx@hotmail)

CareerBuilder: Assistant Manager Position

Assistant Manager Position

Dear Xxxx,

CareerBuilder sent us your resume, and after a thorough review, I consider that you would be a valuable asset to the company.

I invite you to file an application for the Assistant Manager. This home-based position involves assisting our loyal customers in covering their requirements and includes executing cash management and e-currency exchange operations.

This position is flexible, with either full time or part time (from 20 to 30 hours per week) shifts available. You must be available to work between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, your local time. The hourly basic rate for this position is $19, with no hidden fees.

For this position you will need a laptop with Internet access and stable telephone connection to communicate with your assigned personal manager, and you will be given basic training. Your capability to multi-task and set priorities on tasks will be necessary to succeeding in this position, as well as your previous work experience and customer skills in a services-driven environment.

If you feel like joining us, please REPLY to this e-mail and I will send you extra details and some necessary paperwork.

Steven Brandon,
HR & Operational Manager.

You receive this employment position email because you uploaded your resume on CareerBuilder. This e-mail is used for hiring procedure only to prevent the company from getting spam messages. If your employment status changed or you are not interested in receiving these emails, you can edit your privacy and communication preferences for your resume by logging onto

Or you can Block this employer from accessing your resume and sending you candidate emails.

This e-mail was sent from Account ID AULZDNCW5M8FUKW4O69A3 and by this logged in User UC5FCG5XDXZENII8S9DEO

This message was forwarded by employer from CareerBuilder website, and the substance of this e-mail has been reviewed and endorsed by CareerBuilder webpage Integrity Team.  Please note that this e-mail and any attachments to it are confidential and are designed solely for the use of the individual to whom it was addressed.  In case you are not the designed receiver of current e-mail, you must erase it and neither take any action based upon its substance, nor copy or display it to anybody. If you have questions or annotations for CareerBuilder, please follow to our site.


I contacted CareerBuilder about the message I received. I went to the CareerBuilder website, which you can find proper spelling, etc. by searching Google or Bing. I found a contact email for reporting spam. This is the message I sent to them :

I received the following email that appears to be sent through CareerBuilder, from someone named Steven Brandon. At the bottom of the message, he signs himself as the HR & Operational Manager, but doesn’t list the company name or any direct contact information, only online links. I think it looks like a scam email, involving CareerBuilder, is there someone associated with CareerBuilder who would have sent this message? Please let me know if this is legitimate or not.

Thank you,



The Response I Received from the real CareerBuilder site below:

 Thank you again for contacting CareerBuilder’s Trust and Site Security Team. We appreciate you bringing this information to our attention.
 Upon review of your report, we have determined that the details provided are associated with a Payment Processing or Re-shipping Scam. The message should be disregarded. Any communication with individuals connected to the original message should cease and future correspondence attempts ignored.
For more information on how to report and respond to a suspected scam:
 Internet Crime Complaints can be filed at:
 Suspected scam email messages can be forwarded to the Federal Trade Commission at:
The following web pages provide more information on ways to protect yourself online.
 OnGuard Online’s ‘Avoiding Scams’ –’s ‘Prevention Page’ –
Looks Too Good To Be True –
 CareerBuilder’s Security page for Job Seekers –
Trust and Site Security Team | Experience Better
 Twitter: @CBSiteSecurity       

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